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Unique designs for unique people.

Our designs are as unique as you are. We understand that your dream place doesn’t necessarily exist in a catalogue; it’s an idea, a feeling, a vision. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an old or changing a commercial space, our designs will bring your one of a kind concept to life.
We understand the importance of uniqueness, and we build, design and renovate with your particular vision in mind. We are experts at finding what makes you stand out. Sky Interior is an interior design company with 20+ years of design expertise; we help bring your unique idea to life. We can do any style you dream of, as long as it expresses your extraordinary. Everything we design fits your lifestyle and personality. It’s our guarantee.

Our work process

If you decide to go ahead with one of our interior design services, we send you a questionnaire to think about what you want before we visit your space. This saves you time and money as well as unnecessary stress.


We take a personalized approach and always meet the customer to gather information.


we start generating design ideas for the project. As each design is uniquely tailored to our client.

Design & Build

We will measure what we need and start working on the design development.


We are always excited to hand over project on launch day as,we get to witness appreciation of our art.

Our Services

We ask about your style preference, colour schemes, and ambience desire. We find out about your personality, dreams, and vision for the future so we can incorporate your uniqueness in every piece we choose to make the design one of a kind.


Our affordable interior design services cater for small to large homes. We design your space to bring style, uniqueness and function into your home. We aim for your mental and physical well-being to flourish in our beautifully designed spaces.

Space Adaptation

We can adapt space by using interior architecture for both living and working purposes. We are experts in preserving historical buildings and can compromise between preservation and demolition to restore them to their former glory or a complete remake. We use adaptive reuse according to the agreed architectural design.

Retail Design

Our commercial interior design services help clients develop creative retail and shop designs that maximize sales and commercial opportunities.

Our Projects

For inspiration, please look at our many completed projects, including home interior design, office interior design, restaurant interior design and hotel interior design around various locations in Ireland.

Our Blog

We are passionate about interior design. Read all about it here.

Customer Says

This was our first renovation project, and we are so happy we chose Sky Interiors. They listened to our ideas and helped design our home according to our taste. We were flexible and adapted our likings to an agreed budget. Our imagination tended to go a bit overboard, but they helped reel us in with professional advice. It’s the best investment since buying our house. Now it’s our dream home.
Patrick, Customer
Our new home is better than a new house as we stayed where we love living. We were tired of our old home, but we decided to change the interior instead of moving. Sky Interiors helped us see our place with new eyes, they had so many ideas, and they inspired us to come up with some of our own too, combined we were a great team.
James, Customer
Sky Interiors are the most creative interior design team I’ve ever worked with. They are a super professional team that wants what’s best for me. I love my new place, and it’s all thanks to this amazing team. Thanks a million! If you’re looking for an interior design company, check out Sky Interiors.
John, Customer

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